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Emergency Income (Reddito d’emergenza – REM)

Approved by the Government with the Decree Relaunch of 19/05/2020, it is up to families who are in economic need due to the health emergency. You can submit your application by the end of June 2020 to the Inps (through the established models and modalities) or by referring to CAF or patronage. Emergency income ranges from EUR 400 to EUR 840 according to the ISEE equivalence scale parameter which assigns a value to each household composition. In order to be required, the household must simultaneously meet certain specific requirements:

-the applicant must have residence in Italy

-the family income, in April 2020, must be less than the amount that is recognized as REM and that varies according to the number of members of the household

-the ISEE must be less than EUR 15000

-the value of the 2019 family assets must be less than €10,000, plus €5,000 for each component after the first, but within a maximum total of €20,000. If there is a person in the nucleus who is defined as seriously disabled or not self-sufficient (according to the ISEE criteria) the maximum value is 25,000 euros.

In which cases it cannot be requested: Emergency Income cannot be requested if in the nucleus are present persons who receive the benefits provided for the emergency Covid-19, are holders of direct or indirect pension (excluding invalidity) are employees with gross earnings in excess of the amount of the EMN or recipients of citizenship income.

Prisoners and those who are admitted to long-term care institutions or other residential facilities at the expense of the State or other public administration are not entitled to the REM. These subjects are not considered among the members of the family for the purpose of calculating the scale of equivalence. The definitions to be used for determining family income, household, equivalence scale and movable assets are those used in the calculation of the ISEE.

The Ministero del Lavoro e delle Politiche Sociali summarises in an information brochure all the measures envisaged by Decreto Rilancio. Downloadable HERE