To access to solidarity services “Buono Spesa” e “Supporto al reddito” visit the website https://www.comune.catania.it. If you need support, please send us an email to portalesolidale@gmail.com.

General Information on COVID 19

OIM Italia – Multilingual brochure, with the measures to be taken to address the emergency linked to the New Coronavirus

ARCI with the support of UNHCR Italy- ONU Agency for Refugees– New coronavirus emergency information platform linked to the Jumamap portal and the toll-free number for asylum seekers and refugees 800905570, and dedicated in particular to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. For the entire duration of the emergency the toll-free number will remain active, availing itself of the consultation of the doctors of Médecins du Monde-Mission Italy, in collaboration with UNICEF Italia, to ensure guidance and access to medical and health services https://coronavirus.jumamap.com/it_it/

Health Care

Pensare Migrante
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pensaremigrante/

Health information for migrants and foreigners (SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19)
some translations for the foreign population: https://www.epicentro.iss.it/coronavirus/sars-cov-2-traduzioni-popolazione-straniera

Terres Des Hommes
Covid-19 psychological guide in 7 languages for foreign families: to ensure that the right support reaches all families, without discrimination of origin, on the site https://terredeshommes.it/terre-des-hommes-in-campo-contro-il-coronavirus the document is available, translated into 7 languages (Albanian, Arabic, French, English, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish). Terre des Hommes has activated with the same psychologists a helpline dedicated to the doctors of the Provincial Order of the Medici of Milan.

Save the Children– The organization translates in different languages 10 tips to talk about Coronavirus to children : https://www.savethechildren.it/blog-notizie/coronavirus-non-solo-italiano-i-nostri-suggerimenti-diverse-lingue

Offices and laboratories for foreigner’s health care in Catania

Legal Assistance

Pensare Migrante
New terms on residence permits, appeals, instances of international protection, contained in the last two decrees n.9 e n.18 of March 2020 related to the emergency COVID-19 : https://pensaremigrante.org/informativa-legale-covid-19-faq/
Are you stuck in your home country with your residence permit expiring or expired? https://pensaremigrante.org/informativa-legale-blocco-dei-voli-e-pds/

Melting Pot
Visit the site: https://www.meltingpot.org/Informativa-legale-FAQ-covid-19-su-permessi-di-soggiorno

Centro Astalli
Legal support and online and telephone advice are provided to their patients and to all migrants who need support during this quarantine period. Contact service 3926141096 – Fb page: Centro Astalli Catania  astallict@virgilio.it  

Consiglio Italiano per i Rifugiati -Catania

It offers legal assistance, land orientation and cultural linguistic mediation services to Italian and foreign citizens who want information on immigration. Contact us:

  • 335 1716126 or 3351724483 during office hours
  • the counter via skype, username CIR Catania from Mon to Fri from 9.30 to 12.30 and Tue, Thu and Fri from 03.30 to 05.30PM;
  • e-mail to catania@cir-onlus.org.
The CGIL Migrant Desk provides information and advice on: Residence Permit; Italian Test; Residence Card; Citizenship; Family Reunification; Legal Assistance; Relations with the Police Station and Prefecture for problems related to the stay; General Information and all practices pertaining to patronage (Naspi, Bonus Covid-19, family allowance ecc.) and the Caaf tax assistance (730, Unico, P.Iva workers, Colf and carers ecc.) Access to the facilities will be allowed only by telephone appointment at 3334366606

Email: immigratict@cgilsicilia.it

Whatsapp: 3334366606
Instagram: migranticgilcatania
The National Association Oltre Le Frontiere offers legal and administrative assistance to migrant citizens. In addition to the usual information services on the rights and duties of domestic workers and support for applications for renewal of residence permits, of the authorization for family reunification, di concessione della cittadinanza italiana, ecc, in questo periodo di emergenza epidemiologica orientiamo i nostri assistiti verso i sussidi predisposti dalle Istituzioni (Bonus € 600, Income of last resort, Vouchers of the Town etc.). Information and updates on government measures (Emergency income, COLF bonuses and carers, irregular foreign sanatorium) on Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/anolf.catania.5

Currently we receive on Wednesday afternoon, by telephone appointment +39 3392819381 (also on whatsapp) e-mai anolfcatania@virgilio.it, 


Centro Astalli Catania
It offers didactic and linguistic support to adults and children who want to learn more about school subjects and Italian language. Contact 3926141096 – astallict@virgilio.it  – Facebook page: Centro Astalli Catania – Fb events, school lab, Italian school Centro Astalli Catania