Comune di Catania, Servizi sociali di Via Cardinale Dusmet n.141 tel. 095.7422692 or 095.7421111 for benefit food shopping vouchers from €25.00 or €50.00 and family voucher from €280.00 monthly for home rental payment and household utilities (we are waiting the decree for emergency in come from €600.00 to be requested always by the Comune di Catania).
To the web address: You can fill out the application for the voucher provided by the Government and distributed by the Comune di Catania.

Comune di Catania-Food solidarity, through the use of a card, which can be used for food and/or basic necessities at businesses participating in the initiative, amount of € 400 with the funds allocated to the Comune di Catania by measures of the Protezione Civile nazionale and the Regione Sicilia. The application/declaration expired at 12:00 on 10/04/2020.

There are additional solidarity tools, follow the website of the Comune di Catania